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About Plazma
Plazma biscuits, produced by the renowned Serbian company Bambi, stand as a testament to the brand's significance and widespread popularity in the region. 
Bambi, a well-established and respected name in the industry, has positioned Plazma as a flagship product, capturing the hearts and taste buds of consumers across Southeast Europe.
With a rich heritage and a strong foothold in the market, Plazma biscuits have transcended their humble origins to become a cultural touchstone, reflecting the enduring connection between Bambi and its loyal consumers.
In collaboration with the creative team at McCann, Bo Aurora studio worked on an illustration style for a promo video that would align with the existing artwork on Plazma Biscuits packaging.

The challenge was to create illustrations that maintained the packaging style while adding additional details. We aimed to avoid overly simplistic illustrations for the advertising campaign and instead wanted to convey the warmth of the winter holiday atmosphere.


Character Development

Recognizing the need to enhance the illustrations for the advertising campaign, we carefully added details to evoke the warmth of the winter and holiday season. It was crucial for us to strike a balance between maintaining the brand's identity and infusing the illustrations with the additional charm required for a festive atmosphere.

Grandpa Character
Grandpa Character
Girl Character
Girl Character
And the story begins...
Once upon a snowy day, Grandpa and Mia set out to find the perfect Christmas tree. They wandered into a magical forest, where colorful birds chirped and flittered about.
They shared Plazma biscuits with colorful little birds.
The girl took a bite, the crisp crunch startled the birds!
In a flutter, the birds took flight, their wings carrying them to the most magnificent tree in the forest. It stood tall and proud, ready to become the centerpiece of their holiday festivities.
Back home, the girl and Grandpa adorned the tree with lights and memories, turning a simple outing into a magical tale.
As the girl handed a biscuit to Grandpa, the two shared a laugh and a hug.

Concept Variation - Winter Scene
Created in collaboration with
McCann and Fried
Cheers to creativity! 
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